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Compressor Driver: INVCT100

1. Product Specification

Model Voltage(VAC)  Frequency(Hz)
Power input(kW)
Current output(A)
INVCT101 380VAC 50/60Hz
415VAC 50/60Hz
7.0kW 14A 220x190x128
INVCT102 8.5kW 21A

2. Features:
- Universal Design:4~7HP,covers different types of compressors, embedded compressor parameters,easily configuration by dip switch.
- Integration design:integrated compressor driver, filter, and two-fan control on same PCBA,smaller footprint and simplified the control box design.

3. High Reliability:
①Dual switch topology structure:easy to realize standby power consumption < 5W, reduced the standby energy and extend the lifetime of the capacitor;
②Unique three-phase unbalanced design:can work reliably under poor grid quality conditions,without attenuation of lifetime;
③Pollution levels III + entire coating:ensure the reliable operation under severe environmental pollution;
④Double 85 and Strife test:comprehensive multi-dimensional testing of voltage, temperature and load ensures normal operation of the product under extreme conditions;
⑤First-class professional PCBA factory:meet global PCBA manufacturing standards and ensured manufacturing quality.

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